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TYEPRO Transparent: What's The Best Fishing Knot-Tying Tool for YOU?

TYEPRO Transparent: What's The Best Fishing Knot-Tying Tool for YOU?

If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance that you’re looking to purchase a tool that will help you tie knots during your future fishing expeditions. And, as with any piece of fishing equipment, there are plenty of options.

We’re hoping to help you—not anglers in general, but you in particular—find what you need.

“Well of course you are,” you say, noting accurately that you’re reading this on “You’re just going to push me toward buying your product.”

Yes...and no.

On one hand, we do believe that the TYEPRO is the best overall product that you can buy for assisting with knot-tying while fishing. This is because we studied the products of many of our competitors, and used our own experience, to craft the TYEPRO.

That said, we acknowledge that fishing tools are a little like basketball players: Some may be 7’3”, defensive machines. Some may be smaller and superb ball-handlers. To create the perfect hybrid, compromise is required.

That’s why we’re going to be launching a series over the next few months comparing the TYEPRO with several of the other renowned knot-tying tools on the market. And we’ll be sure to point out areas where our “opponents” outrank us. If that’s where your needs lie, so be it. We can’t blame you for buying the optimal product for your situation.



Here's the list of qualifications we'll be looking at: 


EYELET THREADING: How much does the tool help you to get the fishing line through the eyelet? Can it work consistently with a wide range of lures and hooks, a more narrow range, or none at all?

KNOT ASSISTANCE: How much help does it offer in terms of tying knots? Does it offer aid with a variety of knots, a limited number of knots or is the user on their own once the eyelet is threaded?

SAFETY: How safe will your hands be when tying the knot around a barbed hook? How much control does the tool offer you when handling hooks?

FUNCTIONALITY: You bought the tool for tying knots...but does it include built-in features that make it handy on other fronts as well? This may be the most objective of our comparison categories!

COST: Simply put, how much will each tool put you back? No tying tool is going to rival the price of your rod, obviously, but how many more fish will you catch at the end of the day?

We’ll begin our comparisons early in November, just in time for you to gear up before the holidays. Stay tuned!

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