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I invented TYEPRO Knot-Tying tools out of personal frustration, struggling with the tedious task of tying fishing knots as my eyes and hands aged.

I often avoided changing tackle, and sometimes cut outings short after one-too-many break-offs during my fishing excursions in Central Ohio. Having worked for decades as an engineer in the medical industry, I also had a dream of developing my own products and launching a small business. This was the perfect opportunity.

My first prototype was crude, but it was enough to start the development process with an exceptional Columbus firm, Priority Designs, Inc. I worked with multiple local firms to help mold the tools, design our website, and manage our marketing strategy. Completing the process—from initial product concept to launch—required nearly four years. I retired during 2014 with the purpose of dedicating all my time bettering the TYEPRO brand.

Before starting our company, I worked my way through a mechanical engineering degree from Purdue University and a 32-year career with a large healthcare company. I retired in 2014 at age 55 to devote full-time to TYEPRO and our company, Topnotch Innovations, LLC.

My wife of 30+ years is a graduate of The Ohio State University (RN, MS). She held a wide variety of nursing positions before becoming an integral part of our business. She handles everything from customer service to procurement, order fulfillment, and planning. Our two boys, their spouses, and my sister-in-law have also made contributions over the years and continue to do so. We’ve been blessed in many ways, not the least of which has been with the success of TYEPRO tying tools.