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How do I use the TYEPRO lanyard?

What is the O-Ring for?

How do I use my TYEPRO tool with large hooks?

What sizes of jigs and hooks work well in the Original TYEPRO?

TYEPRO Original works well with most jigs from 1/64 to 1/2 oz. and for hooks size 14 to 5/0. Larger sizes often have larger diameter eyelets and use heavier gauge wire to form the eyelets which prevents TYEPRO from completely closing. TYEPRO does not work well with floating head jigs if the foam covers all of the shank next to the eyelet. You will need to trim some of the foam away to allow the tool to close on these specific jig types. Not intended for use with spinner baits, plugs, crank baits, tungsten jigs, trout magnets, or beetle spins.


What size of flies fit into TYEPRO Fly & Ice? 

TYEPRO Fly & Ice will handle most flies from size 2 to 16.  Stiff hair or plastic covering the eyelet will need to be moved out of the way so you can get a good grip on the eyelet with TYEPRO Fly & Ice. Open tool slightly to push hackle out of the way for a clean grip of the eyelet.


What size of ice fishing jigs and hooks fit into TYEPRO Fly & Ice? 

Most jigs from 1/32 to 1/8 oz. and hooks from size 10 to 1 fit well into TYEPRO Fly & Ice. Different gauges of wire can be used for the same size hook or jig so I cannot guarantee all sizes but I have found very few jigs or hooks in these size ranges that do not work well in TYEPRO Fly & Ice. Very thin eyelet wire in the smallest size jigs and hooks create a big challenge for 100% threading reliability. Smaller tungsten jigs with the eyelet orientation perpendicular to the hook shaft may not align properly with the eyelet pocket. Another tip is to make sure that paint is fully removed from both the inside and outside of the eyelet.


Why can’t I get the line to thread easily through the funnel

One common reason is that the tip of the line does not have a clean, flat cut.  Line should be straight and not cut at an angle.  Hold the line about an inch from the tip when threading to minimize line bending when pushing through the funnel.  Twisting the line between your fingers will also help the tip of the line find its way through the eyelet.


Can I order TYEPRO by mail? 

Yes, click below to print our Mail Order Form, which also contains instructions on where to send your check payments. Thank you!

TYEPRO Mail Order Form


Does TYEPRO work with braided lines? 

Most braided lines are very limp, especially the lighter test lines.  For this reason, I do not recommend TYEPRO for use with braided lines.  I’ve personally found some success threading these lines if I twist/spin them between my fingers while pushing them through the funnel.  A clean cut of the line is also very helpful.  Unfortunately, the clipper on TYEPRO does not cut braided lines very well, which is true for many other line cutters.  I’d recommend using braid cutters to get a clean cut prior to threading.  One customer has recommended that using wax on the end of the line makes threading braided lines much easier.


Can I tie Palomar or other knots with TYEPRO? 

Yes, it is possible to tie a Palomar knot with the TYEPRO. Watch this video to learn proper technique.

Why doesn’t TYEPRO have a feature to clean paint from eyelets

I have not come up with a cost-effective way to add this feature yet.  For now, I suggest cleaning eyelets with a tool specifically designed for this task as soon as you buy a new pack of jigs.  That way you will not waste any fishing time while you are on the water, which is when TYEPRO is most valuable.


Why do heavier jigs sometimes fall out of the tool?   

Some TYEPRO users believe the spring strength is too low but, it has been maximized to insure long life while still using stainless steel to avoid rusting.  To avoid losing the jig/hook/fly you should hold the tool at the narrow “waist” near the tip during threading and tying.  If you hold the tool by the handles, you are very likely to open the jaws and the jig/hook/fly will fall out.


Will TYEPRO work for lures with split rings, crankbaits, swivels, spinnerbaits and hooks with weed guards? 

The Original TYEPRO is not capable of gripping all sizes and geometries of lures, including those with rigid weed guards that are closely attached to the eyelet.  It will work with smaller in-line spinners and some artificial lures with eyelets in the same size range as commonly found on hooks size 14 to 5/0.  The same size range applies to use with swivels although it can be too difficult for some to place the eyelet of a swivel in the pocket of the tool due to the easy rotation of the eyelet. TYEPRO is not intended for use with crankbaits or spinnerbaits.


Why are there shipping charges on all international orders?

Unfortunately, shipping costs are too high to permit international distribution without charging postage for customers outside of the United States.  Our shipping charges reflect actual postage required and do not include other charges such as packaging materials and labor.  After researching all shipping options, we determined that USPS was the most economical for our customers.  We permit shipping to a number of countries at specific customer requests and apologize for any confusion over the free shipping statement on our website.


Where do I Enter Discount Codes?

When you add a product to your cart, you can enter a discount code after you click on "Proceed to Checkout".  On the side-bar on the right hand side of the page, there is a blue link that says "Have a discount code? Click here to enter it".  Once you click on that, a box will replace the link where you can now enter your discount code.  Click "apply" and if the code is valid, the discount will be taken off your total immediately.  


TYEPRO Tying Tips


Tip #1:  TYEPRO Original or TYEPRO Fly & Ice?

There are two different TYEPRO tools so make sure you order the one to fit your needs. You may want both, but check this first. TYEPRO works well with most jigs from 1/64 to 1/2 oz. All jigs in this range are easy to thread but larger ones can be more difficult to keep in the tool while tying. Also works well with hooks from size 14 to 5/0. Floating jigs with foam right up to the eyelet are not recommended to use with this tool unless you trim some foam away from the eyelet. TYEPRO Fly & Ice works well with most flies from size 2 to 16, hooks from size 10 to 1 and jigs from 1/32 to 1/8 oz.


Tip #2: Why is there a black bead on my lanyard? 

The plastic bead was added to product shipped in mid-March 2015 as a very effective means to keep your TYEPRO from falling off the lanyard, especially if you are prone to bumping into things while fishing. Leave the bead on the lanyard and slide it down tight against the side of the tool to keep it from falling off. Slide it a few inches toward your neck when you want to take the tool off the lanyard. If you didn’t get a bead, ask your daughter or wife if she has one in her craft or jewelry box. Otherwise, you can go to almost any craft shop to get a 6x9mm bead.


Tip #3:  Threading Tips:  Clip flat on end and twist

Always clip the line flat on the end, not at an angle which creates a “point” that can stick in the funnel.  Hold the line about an inch from the end and twist it as you push it through the funnel.  Twisting helps the end of the line glide down the funnel walls and through the eyelet.


Tip #4:  Why isn't there an eyelet cleaning feature on TYEPRO? 

Primarily because you shouldn’t be wasting fishing time cleaning paint from eyelets while you are on the water.  Take care of this task as soon as you buy a pack of jigs with this problem.  The other reason is the cost of the tool would be much higher if an effective cleaning feature were to be added.


Tip #5:  TYEPRO makes tying easier and faster

TYEPRO is just a tool, not the solution to all of your tying needs.  No tool is perfect for all applications but TYEPRO can really help you to thread small eyelets.  Whether you like to, or need to, downsize for finesse fishing, TYEPRO can make tying easier and faster.


Tip #6:  Threading bead head and other small flies

TYEPRO Fly & Ice will work for threading some larger bead head flies but you have to squeeze the tool to force it closed around the eyelet. The tip material is intentionally flexible to allow for some variation in eyelet sizes and eyelets that are right next to the bead, thread, feathers or plastic. Eyelets on smaller bead heads and flies size 18 and smaller don't extend far enough into the eyelet pocket to thread consistently.  Bead heads with the eyelet bent down and no visible shank, as shown in the image below, are the most difficult to thread and not recommended for use with TYEPRO Fly & Ice.


Tip #7:  When to retie, part 1

Knowing when to retie can help you avoid losing a lure, or a great catch.  If your line is even slightly nicked, it has a significantly lower strength.  Nicks most commonly occur when you are catching a lot of fish, usually from sharp teeth near the knot, or when you are fishing in brushpiles or waters with rocky bottoms.  After any hard encounter (fish or bottom), run the last foot or so of line between your fingers.  If you feel any nicks, it’s time to retie with TYEPRO. 


Tip #8:  When to retie, part 2

If you are confident that you are on fish but not getting bites, it’s probably a good time to retie.  That means to try another presentation or lure to see if the fish will be more inclined to bite.  I love to fish with plastic grubs on a 1/16th oz. jig as I can cover a lot of water.  If that doesn’t work, I’m quick to use TYEPRO to tie on an unweighted hook with a finesse worm to see if a slow drop will be more appealing.  Don’t get skunked because it’s too much work to change presentations.  Use TYEPRO!


Tip #9:  Why TYEPRO doesn't float

Don’t drop TYEPRO in the lake because it doesn’t float.  I could not find a cost-effective way to make the tool float without compromising functionality.  However, if you use TYEPRO for threading eyelets and clipping line ONLY, you can always keep it secured to the lanyard using the black 6X9mm pony bead that has been included in orders placed since mid-March 2015.  The only time you must remove TYEPRO from the lanyard is if you want to spin it to tie your knot.