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TYEPRO Transparent: TYEPRO vs. Magnetic Tippet Threader

TYEPRO Transparent: TYEPRO vs. Magnetic Tippet Threader

Welcome to the third installation of TYEPRO Transparent, where we take an analytical approach in comparing our own TYEPRO tools to some of the most popular knot-tying assistants on the market. We hope you will find this thoughtful approach helpful for making a tool choice. Today we’ll be comparing our tool with the Magnetic Tippet Threader, a device that, as advertised, uses some good old fashioned magnetism to assist with threading an eyelet.

We’ll be comparing these devices along five categories: Ease of Threading, Assistance with Knot Tying, Additional Functionality, Safety and Price. You can review the basis for our comparisons here.


 The idea behind the Magnetic Tippet Threader is that the metal eyelets of flies and jigs will stick to the tool, theoretically making threading easier. The problem is that the tool doesn’t completely surround the eyelet, meaning that it could easily fall out of place if you don’t approach it with utmost dexterity. If you have shaky hands or bad eyes, the benefit of the Tippet Threader quickly fades away, unlike with the TYEPRO. In this tool’s defense, it may allow for flies with even smaller eyelets than the TYEPRO Fly & Ice does. Of course, its strength with flies conversely makes it a bad option for heavier jigs.


 The TYEPRO’s design might not allow for the most diverse a selection of knots, but its ergonomic design does allow for a clinch knot and an improved clinch knot. Once again, it’s the firm grip on the eyelet that makes all the difference. The Tippet Threader doesn’t have this feature. It is strictly intended to assist with threading eyelets. If you get the line through the eyelet, you’ll need to put the Tippet Threader away before you can complete the knot.


 Some might suggest that our ratings are biased, however I feel we’re being rather generous when we give a tool such as the Tippet Threader even a “one” for Additional Functionality. That score is in reference to its clip, which keeps it attached to your belt, to be grabbed when needed. This feature is almost a “must have” for fishing tools these days. We tried to up our game by offering a full lanyard with the TYEPRO, rather than the standard clip. And, of course, we also built line clippers into the handle so that you can trim your line.


 As with our prior posts, neither of these tools is “unsafe” for the responsible angler. There’s always a chance of injuring yourself when tying by hand or tool that features an open hook. Be careful when working with either the TYEPRO or the Magnetic Tippet Threader, and you won’t have anything to worry about.


Once again, our competitor has trumped us in the cost comparison. The Magnetic Tippet Threader can often be found for less than our $14.99. And again, we can live with that, as some of that price increase can be justified in the improved functionality discussed earlier in this post. If you want to see an explanation behind the cost of a TYEPRO, we encourage you to check out this article. Special thanks to reader Dave. R, who commented that “you have a great product at a very reasonable price.”

We’ll be rating cost as 3 for tools less than $6.00, 2 for tools between $6 and $11.99, and 1 for tools over $12.00.

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