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Tom's Letter: The Fishing Scene in Ireland... And All Over

Tom's Letter: The Fishing Scene in Ireland... And All Over

I live near Dublin, OH...but I was fortunate enough last month to travel out to the original Ireland. The occasion was my son’s wedding, and I was thrilled that the event was held in such a beautiful location.

That said, I’ve taken a bit of guff from two groups of friends regarding the things I wasn’t able to do, because of previous commitments and preparations for the big event. One is the fabulous links golf scene that spreads across the entirety of the United Kingdom (I didn’t get to embarrass myself in either hurricane-strength winds or mile-deep bunkers). The other thing I missed out on—something less famous than Ireland’s golf—is fishing.

I hope I’ll be able to return in the not-too-distant future, and enjoy a fisherman’s life on the Liffey.

That’s not to say that you can’t find good fishing in the United States, of course! This month we feature an interview with Russ Bailey, an angler who has had the opportunity to cast at a variety of America’s best fishing spots by way of his time on the Crappie Masters tour and as host on the acclaimed series BrushPile Fishing. His show is always shaking up its location, and that’s for more than just his enjoyment.

“Instead of doing the same thing week after week, ‘there’s a fish, there’s a fish,’ we try to get as much information as possible on how we’re catching the fish, why they’re in the water this time of year,” he told us. Read more from our talk with Bailey here.

I’m also taking another stab at promoting my (not) Oscar-nominated short film on how to tie an improved clinch knot, both using a TYEPRO and without. We know that some anglers are set in their ways with square knots, and that’s fine, but we explain why science and history both suggest that a square might not be your best bet for fishing purposes.

In retrospect, I should have asked the Irish-folk I met for some advice on knot-tying. Anyone who has admired Celtic knot illustrations knows just how complex they can get.


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