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Cold Hands? Clever Tips to Keep Feelings in Your Fingers when Fishing!

Cold Hands? Clever Tips to Keep Feelings in Your Fingers when Fishing!

Snowstorms in the Northeast reminded those of us in warmer climates that Winter hasn’t ended yet. But of course, that fact doesn’t have much impact on some intrepid anglers. We’re willing to bet that there were at least a few New York fishing enthusiasts who looked outside as feet of snow fell from the heavens and thought “I think I’ll be able to get out today.”

Our first bit of advice for those who will be hitting the frozen pond or icy creek to fish this month: Be safe. Don’t challenge Mother Nature when she decides that living things should take shelter.

But if it’s a “regular” cold, be sure to stay warm—both for your comfort and health.

Your hands will be exposed, and are more susceptible to the hazards of cold temperatures than other parts of your body. Here are a few ways that you can make sure that your fingers stay toasty when even your coffee starts freezing.

Bring Gloves (Plural)

We’re not going to talk down to you; “wear gloves” is about as common-sense as advice can get. But are you wearing enough gloves?

You’re obviously hoping to handle some fish when fishing, and that’s going to mean your gloves get wet. If that water soaks through to your hands, you might as well not be wearing them at all. The obvious solution is to buy the highest quality waterproof gloves on the market (you can see some popular models here).

If you would rather spend your fishing budget on better tackle or travel, there are other options. One is to pack multiple pairs of gloves. If you get one pair wet while handling a catch, simply switch. Another clever solution is to wear a pair of latex surgical gloves underneath your winter gloves. Granted, you may still need to switch out the wet top layer if they’re lowering the temperature of your hands.

One more tip for staying warm: Don't fall in!

Get A Knot-Tying Tool

Unfortunately, even the most flexible of winter gloves will still limit the function of your fingers. This means, at some point, most anglers will need to take their gloves off to tie knots to tackle. A knot-tying tool can be a huge help if it limits the difficulty of precise tasks, such as threading the eye of a hook.

The TYEPRO Fly & Ice is an ideal solution. All TYEPRO products are designed to help anglers with shaky hands (or weak vision) and every fishing enthusiast has shaky hands when the mercury drops below freezing.

The Fly & Ice is especially nice because it better allows for smaller jigs and hooks, which appeal more to sluggish fish lazing around in cold water.

Get Creative With Hand Warming Packs

Hand warming packs, fuelled by the chemical reaction of oxidation when they meet air, have made them a must-have for every outdoor activity from attending football games to cross-country skiing. Fishing is no exception.

One trick recommended on many fishing message boards is to tape a few hand warming packs around the handle of your rod. This is more comfortable than stuffing them in your gloves, and the packs will also keep you warm for hours if you buy the right brand.

Remember, you’ll want your hands to be in great shape when it’s time to toss a baseball in the Spring! Don’t damage them by exposing them to cold during the Winter!

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