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Casting Our Nets Wide: The Best January Reads on The Web

Casting Our Nets Wide: The Best January Reads on The Web

Hopefully you’re a follower of the TYEPRO Facebook Page, as there are few better ways to get updates on new content than checking out our social media hub. We also like to pepper that page with a smattering of interesting news stories from around the angling world that we think will tickle your fancy.

If you’ve fallen behind on those morsels, don’t worry: We’ve chosen three of our favorite posts from the past month and included them in this blog entry so you can catch up quickly. This month we’ve got posts that are cute (the friendship between a diver and a fish), not cute (forest fires and their impact on fish populations) as well a helpful guide to fly fishing for beginners to the hobby.


The Bond between Fish and Man

We all enjoy getting home at the end of the work day and being greeted by our happy dog or cat. It turns out you can have the same experience with a fish. Hiroyuki Arakawa made the acquaintance of a very special Asian Sheepshead Wrasse during a scuba diving outing more than 25 years ago. Now, whenever he heads to the same dive spot, he’s greeted by the same fish.

There’s more to the story, of course. After all, why does a pet get excited when their owner comes home? There’s promise of a meal ahead! Arakawa made his friend the old-fashioned way: by bringing treats. Watch the video and note the incredible way in which he summons his friend.

The Bond between Fish and Fire

The relationship between forest fires and the ecosystem is a tough one for many people to understand. After all, Smokey The Bear always taught us to prevent forest fires, right? As you’ll learn in many nature publications, a manageable number of forest fires are ideal, because they lead to less uncontrollable forest fires in the future.

But did you know that forest fires can also be helpful to fish? That’s what they’re reporting in New Mexico, as the Gila Trout has recently been reintroduced into the environment. It had previously been forced out by unwanted, competing species. But when ash and slurry forced out those other species, it left the water wide open for trout.

The Official Unofficial Rulebook

Golfers know that the official rulebook for the game is almost as complex as the tax code. There’s the easy stuff, like “don’t walk in the other player’s putting line,” but then it gets in-depth, to the point where even the professional players on tour aren’t sure what’s going on without consulting a rules official.

Fly fishing, fortunately, is not nearly as stringent in its pursuit of decorum. However, there are still some unwritten rules that are worth knowing...lest you become “that guy.” If you’re new to the sport, check out this great list of rules for fly-fishing so you don’t stick out like neon-lime fishing line.

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