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Tom's Letter: Choosing NFL Players vs. Choosing Fishing Line

Tom's Letter: Choosing NFL Players vs. Choosing Fishing Line

I’m a resident of Columbus, Ohio, so it’s not too tough to get caught up in the mania surrounding Ohio State University and especially Buckeye football.

My wife and eldest son both attended the university (my younger son and I attended Purdue so, while loyal to our Boilermakers, it’s been tough to badmouth the 2015 National Champs in our household). The NFL seemed to be Buckeye supporters during April, as a record 12 players from the school were drafted within the first four rounds, including five first-rounders.

It seems that the choice of university was simple for NFL franchises this year. 

Now choosing a fishing line your first time out...that can be complicated.  

Understanding how to select the correct weight and type of fishing line to maximize your fishing experience is actually more complex than most anglers consciously realize. We've talked about the characteristics of different lines in one of last month’s posts, and will now add the often overlooked task of properly setting the drag on your reel for the line you have selected. Setting the drag outside the correct range has consequences that may prevent you from landing exceptional fish. Setting it too light and the fish can throw your lure or get into cover that allows it to escape.  Set the drag too heavy and your line can snap when the big one is hooked.

Read on for more on this important topic.  

If you need a break from the frustrating process of finding the ideal line/drag setup (most of us are still trying to figure it out, a few decades into the hobby), you'll be able to take a break and read a bit on Captain Clyde Folse, a great fisherman with a real passion for crappie (or, as we learned while speaking with him, known as “sac-a-lait” in his home state of Louisiana). He’s known as the “Crappie Psychic” for his prowess with the fish, and his namesake line of trailers shares that title. 

Our interview with him will hopefully prove to be both entertaining and informative. Give it a read and learn about his history of knot-tying and crappie fishing down on the bayous.

Although it can be fun to keep an eye on the internet to see who was drafted from your alma mater or who your favorite NFL team picked up, it’s definitely a slog—taking more than three days along with the increasing media spectacle that is the first round. The good news about the TYEPRO Blog? You can get through our coverage in less than 10 minutes.

We can’t guarantee anything about your team’s chances for success this Fall. We can promise you’ll learn something for when you next hit the pond, or at least get an entertaining read when you check out our content.


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