What Are TYEPRO Tying Tools?

Designed with the Angler in Mind

These handy fishing tools are designed to simplify the tedious task of tying hooks, jigs, flies, and small spinners to your monofilament or fluorocarbon lines.

There are currently two tools: the Original TYEPRO and the TYEPRO Fly & Ice. Both tools include a very convenient built-in line clipper, a lanyard for quick access to the tool, and a locking bead to secure it to the lanyard when not in use.

The tool will facilitate tying the Clinch Knot, Improved Clinch Knot, Palomar Knot and Loop Knot.

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Which TYEPRO tool is right for me?

TYEPRO Original or TYEPRO Fly & Ice?

Tyepro Original
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Spinning, Baitcast & Spincast Fishing

The Original TYEPRO tool covers the bases for most cast fishermen. It’s ideal for gripping hooks in sizes 14 to 5/0, and jigs in sizes 1/64 to 1/2 oz. Its funnel can handle both mono and fluorocarbon lines between 2 and 20 lb.

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1/64oz. to 1/2oz.
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sizes 14 to 5/0

Where to buy TYEPRO™ Original:

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Tyepro Original
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Fly Fishing

The TYEPRO Fly & Ice is designed to work with the most common flies preferred by fly fishermen. It works well with flies from sizes 2 to 16, even when thread and hackle are next to the eyelet. It is not able to handle flies smaller than size #16. The funnel works with lines and tippets sized from 0.020” down to 0.003” (8x).

Ice Fishing

The TYEPRO Fly & Ice is designed to work with the smaller jigs and hooks used by ice fishermen. It works well with jigs from sizes 1/32 to 1/8 oz., even when the head adjoins directly with the eyelet, and hooks from size 10 down to 1. The funnel works with lines sized from 20 lb. down to 1 lb.

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#2 to #16
Product Image
Ice Jigs & Small Hooks
1/32 to 1/8 oz. and #10 to #1

Where to buy TYEPRO™ Fly & Ice:

Instructional video:

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What tyepro does best:

Designed with the Avid Angler in Mind


We designed the TYEPRO tools with the goal to help as many anglers as possible. If these apply to you, the TYEPRO can assist!

Easy Threading

Wide funnel makes threading eyelets easier for anglers with shaky or cold hands, diminished vision, or rough boating conditions.


Stainless steel line clipper lessens time and tools required for trimming knots.

Time-Efficient & Effective

Easier retying means you’ll be more likely to change tackle to catch more fish, lose fewer lures and “The Big One” due to fishing with nicked line.


The TYEPRO isn't perfect for every piece of equipment in your tackle box. Review this list before purchasing!

Small Flies

TYEPRO Fly & Ice will not work well for anglers using flies smaller than #16.

Large Hooks

Original TYEPRO will not work with hooks larger than 5/0.

Braided Line

We do not recommend using TYEPRO with braided lines, due to its limp nature.


Designed with the Avid Angler in Mind

Q: I would really prefer to use Palomar knots. Can you give advice on how to complete this knot?

A: You bet! Watch the video below to learn how to use TYEPRO for Palomar knots.

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Q: How do I tie a larger hook or fly with TYEPRO tools?

A: Forming the twists for clinch knots requires a different motion than is used with jigs. Watch the video below to learn how to use TYEPRO with large hooks.

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Q: Does TYEPRO work for lures with split rings, crankbaits, swivels, spinnerbaits or hooks with weed guards?

A: The Original TYEPRO is not capable of gripping all sizes and geometries of lures, including those with rigid weed guards that are closely attached to the eyelet. It will work with smaller in-line spinners and some artificial lures—as long as their eyelets are no larger than those found on a typical 5/0 hook. The same rule applies to swivels, although it can be too difficult for some to place the eyelet of a swivel in the pocket of the tool due to the easy rotation of the eyelet. TYEPRO is NOT intended for use with crankbaits or spinnerbaits.

Q: I’m having trouble threading the line through the funnel. What can I do to make threading easier?

A: A flat, clean cut of the line is a great first step, and the TYEPRO’s built-in line cutter can help! Be sure not to cut your line at an angle! It is also helpful to ensure that your jigs, flies, or hooks have clean eyelets before you grip it with the TYEPRO.

Q: What is the purpose of the included lanyard?

A: The TYEPRO comes with a lanyard to help you change knots efficiently while fishing. It also minimizes the risk of losing the TYEPRO while fishing on a rocking boat. Watch below to learn how to use the TYEPRO with its lanyard.

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Q: What is the purpose of the included O-ring?

A: The TYEPRO comes with an O-ring for those hoping to tie heavier jigs with the tool. When in place, the O-ring provides additional clamping force. Watch below to see how to properly use the TYEPRO with an O-ring.

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