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TYEPRO Original Fishing Knot Tying Tool
TYEPRO Original Fishing Knot Tying Tool

The TYEPRO Original Knot Tying Tool is a convenient device for all fishing enthusiasts!

These innovative fishing knot-tying tools are designed to simplify your fishing experience. They provide a quick and easy solution for gripping, threading small eyelets, and securely tying knots. Whether you're working with jigs, braided lines, or hooks, TYEPRO has you covered.

The TYEPRO Original is perfect for jigs ranging from 1/64 to 1/2 oz. and hooks in sizes 14 to 5/0. For optimal results, it is recommended to use it with jigs where the foam does not entirely cover the shank next to the eyelet, particularly in the case of floating head jigs. By ensuring proper exposure to the shank, the TYEPRO Original guarantees optimal functionality and an effortless fishing experience.

Each TYEPRO Tools pack includes a convenient lanyard, ensuring quick access to the tool whenever you need it. Furthermore, a bead on the lanyard allows you to securely lock the tool in place when it's not in use. With the TYEPRO Tools at your side, fishing and knot-tying become a breeze.


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TYEPRO - FLY & ICE Fishing Knot Tying Tool
TYEPRO - FLY & ICE Fishing Knot Tying Tool

Fly Fishing Knot Tying Tool

A handy tool for fly & ice fishing to thread small eyelets, help tie knots, and clip monofilament and fluorocarbon line.

  • The TYEPRO Fly and Ice Tying Tool is the perfect companion for avid fly fishing and ice fishing enthusiasts. Engineered to perfection, this knot tying tool for fly fishing is tailor-made to meet the needs of both types of anglers. It effortlessly accommodates a wide range of flies and ice jigs, supporting line and tippet sizes from 0.020" down to 0.003". Experience seamless and efficient tying with the TYEPRO Fly and Ice Tying Tool, your go-to tool for precision and convenience on the water made and designed in the USA.
  • Tie a fishing line in four easy steps: grip, glide, tie, and clip. Make fishing quick and efficient. Take away all the frustrating time threading a line through an eyelet that just won't go in. With the TYEPRO knot tying tool tool, the process becomes incredibly simple. The four easy steps—grip, glide, tie, and clip—ensure that even beginners can quickly and efficiently secure their fishing lines. With these easy to follow  instructions, anglers can spend less time struggling with knots and more time casting away.
  • The TYEPRO Fly & Ice is convenient to use in low light conditions and for the visually impaired. When fishing during poor lighting conditions, TYEPRO offers convenient knot tying under poor conditions. Additionally, TYEPRO is particularly beneficial for the visually impaired, as its ergonomic design and simple tying process enable individuals with limited vision to tie their fishing lines independently and confidently.
  • Suitable for anglers on boats in choppy waters and in cold weather. TYEPRO is ergonomically designed to ensure a secure grip, even when faced with rough waters. Additionally, the tool is constructed using materials that can withstand cold temperatures, making it a reliable choice for fishing in winter or chilly environments. Anglers can have peace of mind knowing that TYEPRO will remain durable and functional, regardless of the external conditions they encounter.