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We're Giving Away 2 Great Fishing Packages for Christmas! Treat Yourself!

We're Giving Away 2 Great Fishing Packages for Christmas! Treat Yourself!

Merry Christmas from the TYEPRO family to yours!

The bad news is that it’s still more than a month until you get to open all the great fishing gear that you’ll hopefully be getting from Santa. The good news is that you have plenty of time to shop for all the fishing enthusiasts in your life...including yourself!

We’ve got a great offer for anyone looking for some excellent stocking stuffers this year: Anyone who purchases three or more TYEPRO tools will be entered to win one of two great prize packages being offered!

Buy three or more TYEPRO Originals, and you could win a collection of equipment and tackle worth more than $250, including a Cabela's Medium Light Fish Eagle Spinning Rod, a Cabela's Advanced Anglers Waist Pack Tackle Bag, a Rapala fishing tool combo pack, a TYEPRO fishing tool and a TYEPRO T-Shirt!

Buy three or more TYEPRO Fly & Ice tools, and you could win a fly fishing kit, also worth $250. This includes the Cabela's Prestige Collection Fly Combo, a landing net, a TYEPRO Fly & Ice Fishing Tool and a TYEPRO T-Shirt!

All purchases made as of publication (November 17) are qualified to enter, as are all orders up until January 6th. Also order soon to ensure your TYEPROs get to you by Christmas! Santa Claus has flying reindeer; we have to rely on the less fantastical powers of the USPS!

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  • steve on

    re giveaway
    ok- 3 or 3 gets me in 1 or the other. what will 2 and 1 or 1 and 2 get me in to?
    been fartin around on buying, but fingers and eyes are starting to win. The give away is pushing with the eyes and fingers. Looks like time to set the hook.
    BTW – either the letters are getting better or I am finally reading what I should.

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