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TYEPRO Christmas Promotion: Free Crappie Psychic Petit Minnows and Free Shipping!

TYEPRO Christmas Promotion: Free Crappie Psychic Petit Minnows and Free Shipping!

TYEPRO has an exclusive offer for all those still looking for Christmas gifts as we enter December: 

Anyone who purchases 2 or more TYEPRO Knot Tying Tools at TYEPRO.com will receive a FREE pack of 8 Crappie Psychic Petit Minnow bait, plus get free shipping on their orders! This offer will extend until supplies run out! You may want to order soon...quantities are limited!

We wanted to revisit the Crappie Psychic after how popular his products have been in previous giveaways, items such as his namesake “Crappie Trailers” and “Ammo” bait. The petit minnows are a new product that will drive panfish in your area wild. 

TYEPRO Knot Tying tools are a great, and affordable, stocking stuffer for the angler in your life (or yourself!). If someone you know is struggling with knot-tying because of diminished vision or shaky hands, this tool will get them back on the water and enthusiastic about their passion. 

There are two varieties of TYEPRO: The TYEPRO Original and the TYEPRO Fly & Ice tool. The Original helps users create clinch, improved clinch, and even palomar knots. It is designed to grip hooks from sizes 14 to 5/0, and jigs from 1/64 to 1/2 oz. It works well with both mono and fluorocarbon lines from 20 to 2 lb. test. 

The TYEPRO Fly & Ice was developed for fans of fly fishing and ice fishing, as the respective flies, hooks and lures for these specialized fishing styles are much smaller. Plus, for ice fishing, the cold temperatures can make tying knots tough for anybody! For fly fishing, the TYEPRO Fly & Ice works best with flies from sizes 2 to 16, with lines and tippets from 0.020” to 0.003” (8x). For ice fishing, the tool works with with jigs from sizes 1/32 to 1/8 oz, and hooks from size 1 down to 10. It works well with lines from 20 lb. to 1 lb. 

TYEPRO Knot Tying Tools are useful for younger users as well! If Santa Claus is looking for stocking stuffers for children or grandchildren who are new to the hobby, TYEPRO tools remove the initial frustration for new knot-tyers. 

If you want to receive your order in time for Christmas Day, please be sure to order before Thursday, December 19. 

Thank you, and enjoy your holiday season!

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