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Tom's Letter: The Lesson Pokémon GO Holds for Fishing Enthusiasts

Tom's Letter: The Lesson Pokémon GO Holds for Fishing Enthusiasts

Topnotch Innovations is all about, well, innovation. That’s why we developed the TYEPRO and TYEPRO Fly & Ice: We knew that amateur anglers and aging anglers alike needed a new method to make tying knots simpler, both for fumbling hands and failing eyes.

I admit, however, there is one piece of new technology I don’t quite get, and it’s dominating the news right now: Pokémon GO. It may be that I was a few decades early for the Japanese television show’s first wave of popularity. Or, it may be that I’m too focused on “reality” to grasp the appeal of “virtual reality.”

After a few days of puzzling over news stories, one finally led to a sympathetic revelation: I read how a woman pursuing one of the imaginary characters became stuck in a tree and required rescue. I was equally confused and bemused by her fate. But then, after considering it for a moment, I realized that fishing enthusiasts can also get stuck in trees, and we probably curse just as much.  

That was part of the reason I created the TYEPRO...to make fishing less burdensome for first-timers, as well as old-timers. Rather than struggling for hours to tie a beginner’s knot, our tool allows them to get right to the fun part: catching fish. If you have children or grandchildren and need an excuse to spend a few extra hours with them, grab a TYEPRO and hit your local pond.

If you haven’t picked up a tool yet, it may help you to check out our new post, which explains exactly what the difference is between an original TYEPRO and a TYEPRO Fly & Ice. It seems obvious, but there are subtle differences in hooks and lures that may alter what product will work best for you. Be sure to check out the post and then review your tackle box.

If you really want to get the kids excited, let them know about the various professional fishing leagues that exist. They get excited for professional athletes like Mike Trout; why not get excited for the guys who make a living fishing competitively for real trout? A great example is this month’s TYE With A PRO feature, which profiles 2015 Crappie Masters national champion Kyle Schoenherr.

Talking about it brings out the kid in myself! I think I’ll stick with fishing for bass, trout and crappie, however—Pokémon’s Magikarp leaves a lot to be desired.


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  • Christine Olney on

    Tom, I just read your " The Lesson Pokemon Go" and I couldn’t agree more! We enjoy your inspiring articles and encouragement to all to get outside.

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