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Casting Our Nets Wide: The Best September Reads on The Web

Casting Our Nets Wide: The Best September Reads on The Web

Hopefully you’re a follower of the TYEPRO Facebook Page, as there are few better ways to get updates on new content than checking out our social media hub. We also like to pepper that page with a smattering of interesting news stories from around the angling world that we think will tickle your fancy.

If you’ve fallen behind on those morsels, don’t worry: We’ve chosen four of our favorite posts from the past month and included them in this blog entry so you can catch up quickly. This month we’ve got posts on hard science (the difference between modern baits and classic baits), soft science (a philosopher’s outlook on fishing) and some coincidences that defy science (crazy record-setting in Alaska).


Is modern plastic bait any better than those decades ago?

Some modern day fishing enthusiasts could talk your ear off regarding advances in lures and baits. But for all of the supposed “advances” in polymers and materials, has anything really changed between the plastic baits of the ‘70s and the plastic baits of today? Heck, even suggesting similarities probably got some of you readers into a fighting mood.

Let’s allow the experts over at Field & Stream to make the final decision. They speak with product developers and come down with a final verdict on whether current innovations are giving you benefits that you wouldn’t have had decades ago.

Can your fishing success be attributed to phases of the moon?

It may sound like metaphysics, but this is an honest look at whether the phases of the moon are having an impact on your catch-count out on the lake. Lots of people blame bizarre behavior on a full moon...but there might actually be something to it when it comes to fish.

There is some solid science behind this. After all, the moon impacts tides and that should impact fish as well. So if you’re a believer, check out what Yellow Dog Fly Fishing has to say on the subject, or consult your Farmer’s Almanac.

Both the moon and astrophysicists make appearances in this month's posts.

Both the moon and astrophysicists make an appearance in this month's posts. 

Words from an astrophysicist...on the philosophy of fishing

We bet you were expecting more information on the moon and fishing when you saw the word “astrophysicist,” huh? It turns out that Dartmouth’s Marcelo Gleiser is a man of many outlooks on life...including the more introspective kind. Such is the topic of his book The Simple Beauty of The Unexpected: A Natural Philosopher’s Quest for Trout and The Meaning of Everything.

This is probably a must-see for fans of Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, but even the most scientific of angling enthusiasts has to admit there’s some degree of zen at play when you’re alone on the stream during a cool autumn morning.

Lightning sometimes strikes twice

We’ve gotten a little numb to the concept of broken records this year...as it seems hundreds fall during every Olympics. But even in the wake of Rio, this one is still shocking: The record for largest Alaskan pink salmon was broken...twice...during the same day.

We feel bad for Thomas Salas, who broke a 42 year-old record and then only held it for three hours before Robert Dubar broke it again. The most amazing thing is that Dubar’s fish didn’t just nick the new record...it obliterated the record. Check it out.

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