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Casting Our Nets Wide: The Best Reads on The Web

Casting Our Nets Wide: The Best Reads on The Web

We’re always happy to have you at the TYEPRO Blog...and we only wish that we could provide you more information on a more frequent basis. There’s so much to be said about angling and only so much time!

For this reason, we like to pepper the TYEPRO Facebook page with frequent links to content being hosted elsewhere on web, which we believe our followers will find interesting. We also understand that in the ever-expanding digital world, it’s tough to catch every little nugget that we release. Therefore we thought it would be worthwhile to assemble some of our favorite outside stories from the last month into one neat collection.

We’ve chosen a variety of stories, ranging from feel-good essays, helpful tips and some awe-inspiring footage. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

GPS Utilization for the 21st Century Fishing Enthusiast

Old-fashioned anglers have long taken the time to report on fishing excursions in a trusty notebook, noting the best spots on the map as well as what time of year they’re teeming with hungry targets. Of course, if you’re using our TYEPRO tools, your hands might not be as firm as they once were, and jotting notes might be a more painful procedure than it once was.

Or perhaps you just want a simpler way to do things! Either way, check out this post from Field and Stream, where writer Dave Wolak gives a how-to on efficiently logging your best fishing spots on a modern GPS for simplest return visits.

How Many Flies Is Too Many?

Here’s another article on fishing gear, but this one comes with a more humorous—and astonishing—purpose: to profile Chris Reeves, a fly fishing enthusiast with a seemingly incurable addiction to making lures. He currently has more than 250,000 fishing hooks in his garage, ready for use. This Atlas Obscura profile touches a somewhat understandable soft spot for anyone in the hobby.

“The first thing I thought was that flies were very expensive so I ought to learn to tie my own,” says Reeves. “That turned out to be a huge mistake.” We love it.

Make sure to share the trout and salmon with this guy.
Make sure you share the trout and salmon with this guy. 

Find Kamchatka on A Map, and Then Go There

Although most Alaskans have concluded that seeing Russia from their front yard isn’t a realistic possibility, you have to admit that our borders are closer than we often acknowledge. The peninsula that stretches toward our largest state is Kamchatka, and few realize how incredible its population of steelhead trout and salmon is. YETI Coolers takes us on another “Stories” entry to show just how beautiful the region is. It’s not the first thing most people think of when we say “Siberia”!

Philosophizing on Fishing

Many an unsuccessful angling enthusiast considers themselves an amateur philosopher after a few hours and a few beers. Not many of their friends or spouses are all that interested in what they’ve “discovered,” however.  

It means something else when it comes from Thomas McGuane, an acclaimed American author noted for his mastery of language and his Montana settings. He gives an inspiring speech here, looking to answer the question “does fishing mean anything?”, speaking at Montana State University. It’s a long video but worth every minute—from the recovery of soldiers with the help of a fishing rod, to considering the grander theme of man and his place within nature. By all means, take a few moments and check it out.

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