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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Gift: Free Hooks for TYEPRO Christmas Holiday Shoppers!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Gift: Free Hooks for TYEPRO Christmas Holiday Shoppers!

There’s a nip in the air...so it’s a good thing you don’t need to go outside and wait in line for Black Friday or Cyber Monday this year! 

Once again, TYEPRO is extending an exclusive Black Friday / Cyber Monday offer to fishing fans this holiday season. Anyone who purchases two or more TYEPRO Knot Tying Tools at TYEPRO.com will receive a FREE pack of 10 Eagle Claw Fishing Hooks (size 8) and receive free shipping! This offer extends from Tuesday, November 26 through the end of Monday, December 2nd.

That’s right! You don’t even need to wake up early the day after Thanksgiving and walk to your computer. You can take advantage of this deal as early as Tuesday! In fact, we recommend you act as soon as possible...our supply of Eagle Claw hooks is limited! 

TYEPRO Knot Tying tools are a great, and affordable, stocking stuffer for the angler in your life (or yourself!). Founder Tom Vandewalle noticed that many fishermen his age began to struggle with knot-tying because of diminished vision and shaky hands. He understood the struggle, and set out to create a fishing tool that allowed these individuals to continue pursuing their passion. The result was the TYEPRO tool. 

There are two varieties of TYEPRO: The TYEPRO Original and the TYEPRO Fly & Ice tool. The Original helps users create clinch, improved clinch, and even palomar knots. It is designed to grip hooks from sizes 14 to 5/0, and jigs from 1/64 to 1/2 oz. It works well with both mono and fluorocarbon lines from 2 to 20 lb. test. 

The TYEPRO Fly & Ice was developed for fans of fly fishing and ice fishing, as the respective flies, hooks and lures for these specialized fishing styles are much smaller. Plus, for ice fishing, the cold temperatures can make tying knots tough for anybody! For fly fishing, the TYEPRO Fly & Ice works best with flies from sizes 2 to 16, with lines and tippets from 0.020” down to 0.003” (8x). For ice fishing, the tool works with with jigs from sizes 1/32 to 1/8 oz, and hooks from size 1 down to 10. It works well with lines from 20 lb. to 1 lb. 

TYEPRO Knot Tying Tools are useful for younger users as well! If you’re looking to help a child or grandchild into the world of angling, TYEPRO tools can be a helpful assistant for those who have never tied knots before. It’s a convenient stocking stuffer for St. Nick! 

Regardless of who you’re buying for, make sure to head to TYEPRO.com between Tuesday, November 26 and December 2 so that you can get free hooks for yourself! 

Thank you, and we hope you appreciate the chance to relax instead of hitting the stores on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

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