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Know Your Fishing Knots

Know Your Fishing Knots

Welcome to my inaugural post in the Know Your Fishing Knots blog during this crazy election year of 2016.

y name is Tom Vandewalle and I am not running for President of the U.S. nor do I take money from any special interest groups. Instead, I plan to provide some insight into what many of you may view as the mundane, yet actually very important topic of tying fishing knots. Full disclosure, I want to mention that I am the inventor of a knot-tying tool called TYEPRO but I don’t plan to make this blog a commercial. My “qualifications” for writing/editing this blog include being old enough for AARP membership, earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, surviving a 32-year career in the healthcare industry, and teaching two sons to enjoy fishing. Most importantly, I simply love fishing and want to make a small contribution to this terrific activity.

I promise to do some research for your benefit and share perspectives on some of the details that make this topic important to all anglers. We’ll also be reaching out to some pros, guides and other experienced anglers so we can share their views as well. We plan to review many of the tools, tricks and techniques that can make the difference in whether you entice, hook and land your next fish, or let it get away. We’re not certified pros…and we hope you’re not either. Hopefully we’ll both learn new things as we go along. That’s half the fun.

Sometimes Change is a Good Thing 
Most of us learned how to tie a couple of fishing knots from a parent or friend and have used those same knots without giving much additional thought to it, until we started losing expensive lures or a nice fish. Then, maybe, you purchased a book on fishing knots and experimented with some alternatives. Some of us settle for clunky snap swivels or really heavy line to reduce the burdens of re-tying and knot failure. Now you can follow along with this blog and see if we can learn to do a little better. We’ll try not to assume too much and keep the discussion relatively simple so almost everyone can benefit. 

Today’s post will start with my favorite knot, the improved clinch knot, as part of our “Basic Knot Tying” series, and we plan on tackling other related subjects—such as “Knot Effectiveness Factors,” eyelet threaders and knot-tiers. I hope you are willing to stay tied up with “Know Your Fishing Knots” as we strive to educate and entertain you.  Click here to see this month’s entry.



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  • Bob on

    Have a hole in the tyepro to hold the laniard.

  • JIm on

    I would like to see the best way to tie different types of line together. For example I use mono as a filler then use 10-12 feet on braid or florocarbon.

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