Topnotch Innovations


 A simple, fast fishing tool to grip tackle, thread small eyelets, tie knots, and clip line.

Tackle types to use with TYEPRO

This tool is used with hooks and jigs with an exposed shank above.

Tackle types to use with TYEPRO

4 easy steps

Grip Tackle
Spring action clamps the eyelet into position freeing your hands from handling small tackle while threading and tying your knot.
Glide Line
Funnel directs line through the small eyelet with ease. Works well with 2lb. to 30 lb. test mono, fluorocarbon and heavier braided lines.
Tie Knot
Tool is easy to spin between fingers while the tip holds a wide loop between the twist and the eyelet. Ideal for clinch knots.
Clip Line
Built-in stainless steel clipper for cutting tag ends and removing tackle.

Instructional Video

Designed with the Avid Angler in Mind

Situations where TYEPRO is especially useful.

  • Speed
  • Low Light
  • Impaired Vision
  • Rocking Boat
  • Cold Hands